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Commercial Property Damage Insurance

Commercial auto insurance comes in many forms. The most basic and necessary being liability insurance. Liability options will not however- cover damage to your vehicle or your property.  To protect against damage due to collisions or what were formerly referred to as 'acts of god' such as: Fire, Theft, Vadalism, & falling objectsyou'll need comprehensive commercial auto insurance. To protect your company vehicles, attached equipment, and any aesthetic improvements, you need  comprehensive  and collision auto insurance for commercial.


What Is Included in Comprehensive & Collision Insurance

Comprehensive commercial auto insurance is a type of coverage that protects your company from costs due to property damage caused by any of a variety of ''perils or possible sources of damage. Some common coverage options under comprehensive protection are:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Animal Damage
  • Missiles (baseballs, projectiles, and other hurled or flying objects)
  • falling objects (both natural and man-made)
  • More...

Commercial collision insurance is almost self explanatory. A commercial collision insurance policy will protect your company vehicles and any attached equipment from damage or destruction due to to a collision with another vehicle, a stationary object, the earth (in the case of roll-overs or loss of control), and in some cases *animals.

Collision auto insurance for a commercial vehicle will be the most expensive option in your commercial auto insurance, but it is also the portion of your auto insurance coverage under-which you are most likely to file a claim. This means that it's the type of commercial property damage insurance which you most need to protect yourself from the cost of accidents in company vehicles.  

Lowest Rates On Commercial Property Damage  Insurance

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