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Free quotes on liability coverage for commercial auto insurance from multiple brand-name providers are available instantly from the get quotes button below. 

Commercial liability auto insurance can mean the difference between a few phone calls and the end of your business. We offer bodily injury, property damage, and both UM and UIM liability insurance.


What Is Included in Commercial Liability Auto Insurance

Commercial Liability auto insurance provides insurance benefits to any third party in the event that a vehicle causes bodily injury or property damage while it is being used for commercial purposes. That means that commercial liability auto insurance can only benefit other people,

Granted- the only difference between a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle is that the former is used to make money, but the public expect a much higher level of responsibility from people that own businesses. For this reason, any commercial liability insurance policy must meet a stricter level of scrutiny (especially for vehicles whose value exceeds $100,000). 

Commercial liability auto insurance policies protect your wallet from almost any conceivable driver-error with CSL or 'combined single limit's as high as $500k, $750k, and even up to $1 million.

 In the 11 states that require Uninsured and Under-Insured motorist liability insurance for commercial vehicles, we offer free quotes on that too.

Lowest Rates On Commercial Liability Auto Insurance

We can offer the lowest rates on our commercial auto insurance options because we survey many of the nations top commercial auto insurance providers. We request quotes from both preferred and non-preferred carriers of commercial liability auto insurance to deliver only the best price quotes 

We ask you what type of coverage you want and then request free quotes on your required coverage options from all of our carriers. You save money when we tell you which company offers the products you want at the lowest rate in your area. Call now to learn more or start getting free commercial liability auto insurance.


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