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Collision Auto Insurance

Collision auto insurance is the most important portion of any property damage insurance policy. It can also be the most expensive, and that's where we come in. 

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How Does Collision Auto Insurance Work?

Collision auto insurance is a product that protects your vehicle and your wallet from property damage or destruction due to the impact of a collision with another vehicle, the ground, a road-side object, or structure. Depending on the policy- animal strikes may also be included. Some carriers require that policy-holders file claims for damage done by collisions with animals under the comprehensive portion of their property damage insurance.

In the event you are involved in an accident, collision auto insurance policies specify a deductible (an out-of-pocket contribution) which you must pay in order for your benefits to kick in. Once you pay the portion of your policy which you are responsible for, your auto insurance provider will issue a reimbursement check for any damages incurred above and beyond the deductible amount.  

Lowest Rates Collision Insurance

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