Residential Insurance Options

Home insurance is any property insurance that provides insurance benefits for the damage of any structure or the contents thereof. Home insurance also assumes responsibility for household liability. If you own your own home, regardless of what type of home it is, this is most likely the best home insurance choice for you. 

Also included in the category of home insurance are landlord insurance, and bundled home insurance policies (which may include coverage for multiple residences as well as multiple vehicles).

There are as many exclusive details to any single home insurance policy as there are various styles of home in this country, so please do not consider the information in these pages concrete or applicable to all policies. To learn more about your home, landlord, and bundled insurance options click on any of the read more buttons below or call our office today at 1-800-771-7758 during normal business hours to get started with free home insurance quotes

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Types Of Home Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance Options


There are varying degrees of home insurance coverage available on any given home. It is the consumer's responsibility to know which home insurance product best meets their budget and coverage needs.

  • Basic homeowners insurance will provide protection against a variety of perils or risks of danger. Any costs you incur as result of property damage due to those listed perils will be covered up to a benefit amount specific to each policy. There are usually 11 listed perils included in a basic home insurance policy. They are listed on the Basic Home Insurance Options page. 
  • Broad-form home insurance offers the same type of coverage, only it guards against more perils or dangers than the basic home options. 
  • Special Form home insurance is the strongest type of homeowners insurance. When you purchase special-form homeowners insurance your home becomes protected from all property damage with only specific written exceptions. These gaps in special protection usually include earthquakes, as well as floods. These options are available on many homes, but they must be purchased separately with very few exceptions.

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Bundles & Landlord Options

Bundled Insurance & Other Options

Bundled home insurance is another way that Allied home insurance can save you thousands on the protection that you need. A bundled insurance policy is a combination of one or more lines of property insurance into a single policy with one provider. Most providers like Allied will provide a substantial discount on purchases of this kind.

Another type of property-owners insurance that is specific to one type of customer is landlord insurance. Landlords require a special type of coverage which protects their rental units (whether they be apartments, homes, cabins or condos). Landlord insurance is designed with specialized property coverage that protects every facet of your rental property and liability therefor.  

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Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance Options

If you rent your home or residence instead of owning it like more than one third of Americans, it is just as important to purchase insurance for your dwelling and belongings. 

Renters insurance is important because most apartment complexes and landlords maintain insurance policies, but those types of policies do not offer protection for your personal belongings, or from household liability. A landlord insurance policy for a house that is being rented may offer some protection for your personal belongings, but it still does not protect you from costs due to bodily injuries or property damage for which you would otherwise be held liable. The list of ways that renters insurance can protect you is long. Call our office at 1-800-771-7758 to get free rental insurance quotes immediately, or click on any of the readmore buttons below to learn more.

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