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Broad homeowners insurance is more in depth than it's basic younger brother, but is still for folks with average homes both in size and age.

This broad home insurance from Allied home insurance protects you from the 11 basic perils which basic coverage guards against and then some. Click on the button below to learn more, or call our office at 1-800-771-7758 during normal business hours for immediate assistance.


What Is Included In Broad Home Insurance?

Broad home insurance does offer quite a bit more coverage than a basic homeowners insurance policy would. Some specific ways that broad home insurance offers more protection are listed on the chart below.

Primarily the differences between broad homeowners insurance and the basic option are based on in-wall ruptures and damage due to pipe and conduit malfunctions. Considering how often older homes and fixer uppers have problems with their plumbing, wiring, air-conditioning, and heating ducts- this form of Allied home insurance should never be overlooked by folks who have bought an older home, or are looking for coverage on a house that has already suffered any of the problems mentioned above.

A more thorough breakdown of the common coverage options of broad home insurance are listed in the chart below:

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 Lowest Rates On Broad Form Home Insurance

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