Rental Insurance Options

Apartment insurance coverage- or rental insurance, is just as important to a family or individual as  homeowners insurance is to someone who owns a home.  Allied rental insurance provides strong protection against almost any physical damage to your belongings.

Allied rental insurance even provides personal liability insurance standard to cover any household accidents that occur within your apartment for which you could otherwise be found responsible.

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What Does Apartment Insurance Cover?

Allied rental insurance does not protect the structure of your rental unit from damage. Rather it is a strong property insurance policy for your belongings as well as a personal liability insurance policy which protects you from paying for damages due to household accidents and bodily injuries.

With regards to the specific coverage of the contents of your rental unit, Allied rental insurance will protect all of your belongings up to a specific dollar amount in value. fore more specifics on what sources of damage are covered see the chart below.

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Lowest Rates On Apartment Insurance

We provide the lowest rates on rental insurance. We are networked with several preferred providers like Allied insurance, and we use our working relationships with these companies to get your customers the lowest rates possible on the rental insurance coverage they need to protect their belongings and their wallets.

We offer specialized coverage for rental homes, vacation homes, and even rental units that are one-of-a-kind. Call our office at the number below during regular business hours for immediate service, otherwise you may click on the button above to be redirected to our free rental insurance quotes page.