Bundled Apartment Insurance Options

Just because you rent, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to benefit from the money-saving alternative of multi-line or bundled apartment and auto insurance. This is simply a combination of insurance lines which companies like Allied sell at a discount when they are purchased together. 

When it comes to bundled apartment insurance you can combine coverage for any number of vehicles onto your policy and save up to 30% off of your auto insurance premiums! Motorcycles count too!

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What Bundled Insurance Options Do I Have?

When you choose bundled apartment insurance from Allied, you don't have to compromise to save money.

You can rest assured that your Allied apartment insurance will cover any physical damage to the contents of your domicile regardless of the cause of said damage, while both liability and comprehensive property damage insurance will be applied to your ride. The only difference in bundled coverage is the price!

When you purchase more than one line of insurance from the same company, they make enough profit to extend you a discount. With Allied bundles, your company can afford to offer you a huge discount of up to 30% off of your auto insurance premiums.

Allied apartment insurance offers protection against all of the perils highlighted in the chart below, and the comprehensive auto insurance options from Allied are equally as extensive:

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Lowest Rates On Bundled Apartment Insurance

When it comes to delivering low rates on rental insurance bundles nobody has you covered like SkyBlue. 

SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc. is a licensed and authorized agency and brokerage of several preferred provider organizations throughout the country. This means that when you take advantage of our free quotes system we will deliver the lowest rates from multiple rental & auto insurance providers including Allied apartment & auto insurance.

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